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Saturday, 21 October 2017

$1 a day buys you a brand in the publishing market. Is it worth it?


Be smart with your money and your desire to publish ... and I bet this publisher truly believed he was offering me a wonderful deal ...

So, the tricky world of book publishing - here's why you don't pay to have your work published - let's do the math ... 

I just received a quote from a "reputable" firm involved with IngramSpark. 

The firm in question offered to publish my latest 2 novels on their website for a mere $8,400 US dollars, a "really good deal" he told me. 

When I declined their (editorial & design) services, I received a rude email, followed up by several more rude emails, all from the CEO of the company in question (I had already seen the writing on the wall and blocked any emails but the man was persistent). 

Now, more math, in his reply to my polite and professional declining of his offer (there were 4 or 5 other emails from this CEO I did not read), he said he did not need me to tell him about marketing (11% of the overall quote and no specifics or metrics included) because he paid out $8,000 in royalties last month. He boasts 250 authors on his site. 

That means each author earned $32 last month (avg), which is a dollar a day, $1 a day avg. 

That really means that by the time 8,400 days pass, I would see my investment returned in avg royalties -- 23 years from today (yes, those years are in American time)-- if I'd signed that contract. Sure, either could have been a best-seller, but the bulk of those royalties would have gone to the publisher, not me - that's a long time to lock up any novel for that return after paying for the service. 

Best to invest in blue chip stocks and find a quality agent ... 

BTW, he made a point of saying I would enjoy their branding ... yeah, one tattoo I don't need. 

For the record, here's my email declining his services: 

We’re probably not a good fit – I’m looking for a strong marketing team driven to sales, not editors, a design team, and web-site, though I’m sure you are all good at what you do. I’ll continue my search. Thank you for your time. Al Cool