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Monday, 3 July 2017

The Fish Rubber & the Japanese

Busy day and some of it a fun day in the taxi yesterday (Yes, I drive part-time for AC Taxi). In the morning of a gorgeous summer day, I drove 2 customers down to Ladysmith. Their destination was an art studio on the main highway. Mya, one of the customers, is a “fish rubber” and her work is exceptional. You should check her out at

Then, my last trip in the 10-hour day was 5 people coming out of the Wild Play Element Parks. If you’re looking for a little fast-paced fun, check out the Most (4 of 5) of the group were Japanese women who had little English, but were friendly and full of smiles. On the way to Nanaimo, one of them began practicing “Nanaimo bars” and the others tittered in Japanese and soon all of them were were saying “Nanaimo bars” in sync and then laughing. Then they tried “Nanaimo Harbor” but said “har-bore” not “har-ber”, so I corrected them. They all laughed and said at once “har-bor”, me: “ber”, the group:  “ber”, me “ber”, the group “ber”. Me: good, now try “har-ber”. The group, “har-ber, har-ber, har-ber” and we all started laughing at the impromptu lesson. I did not take them to “There are no polar bears at the harbor where we can buy Nanaimo bars.” That is lesson 2 if I ever see them again. I dropped them at the Library.