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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Renewable energy stats - our future, the future of our children

What’s the market for renewables?
By 2040, companies and governments worldwide will invest $7-11 trillion in renewable energy. That’s more than new additions to coal, gas, and nuclear power generation combined. Globally, there are 8.1 million renewable energy jobs, and they’re growing at 5% annually. We see a future soon where one-quarter of all global energy industry jobs will be in clean tech.
How is digital technology making renewables better?
GE studied the effect of scaling just a handful of digital solutions across key industries like power, aviation, and lighting. If these solutions are scaled globally, businesses will save $81 billion in fuel costs annually and avoid 823 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s like taking 174 million cars off the road. And it could close the global carbon gap by 30%.
The global e-Sustainability Initiative found that we can bring about a 20% reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 by applying Internet-enabled solutions in energy, health, buildings, agriculture, education, and manufacturing. This would also reduce costs by $4.9 trillion.

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