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Monday, 6 March 2017

BC - Christy Clark investigation!

They just cannot help themselves ... and the lobbyists know it. As reported in this blog a few days ago by an insider at BC Hydro, suspect LNG Asia ...

Mr. Giraud is the top in-house lobbyist for Woodfibre LNG, an Indonesian firm building a controversial liquefied natural gas plant near Squamish, B.C.

The price of being a politician is selling off your integrity, which means you never had any to begin with! Integrity, like the truth, does not have shades.

The governing Liberal Party in British Columbia is under investigation for its fundraising practices by Elections B.C., after The Globe and Mail revealed lobbyists are illegally funneling money to the party – routinely – on behalf of corporate and special interests.
So, if the premier takes money illegally, isn't she a crooked politican?

The independent body that enforces the province’s election laws said its probe will look at tens of thousands of dollars in multiple donations, made by power brokers such as Mark Jiles and Byng Giraud, who paid under their own names, with personal credit cards.
Both registered lobbyists acknowledged to The Globe they were actually buying Liberal fundraising tickets on behalf of their clients and companies, then getting reimbursed, which is against the law.
“That’s an indirect political contribution and that’s not okay,” said Ms. Western. “You can only make a political contribution with your own money – and you can’t be reimbursed.”