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Saturday, 18 February 2017

NAFTA shackles on Canada

Hey, my progressive American friends, those of you hearing about Canadian oil filling US pipelines, please take a minute to read this ...

NAFTA requires Canada to ship crude oil to the US so they can make profits off it by selling it outside the US. Yes, that's Conservative economics at work, crushing DAPL rebellion, fair and representative governments before an honest truthful media.

Note: if the volume shipped causes a fuel shortage in Canada? Too bad, NAFTA requires Canada to ship MORE than what was shipped on average the previous 3 years.

Mexico opted to exempt this clause, but Conservative Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney went for it 100%.

"[NAFTA] requires Canada to make available to U. S. importers the same proportion of our total oil or gas supply as we sold them over the previous three years. That same clause was later incorporated into NAFTA. Mexico wisely negotiated an exemption.
In 2008 I decided to test my concern that the proportionality obligation could actually lead to energy shortages in Canada. In a study entitled Over a Barrel, co- published by the CCPA and the Parkland Institute, Gordon Laxer and I explored three scenarios concerning what would happen if the clause were invoked.