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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Nuclear Power Math -- I give it a Fail

Nuclear Power Math -- I give it a Fail

Canada!  STOP propagating these BS myths about nuclear power!

University of Saskatchewan (U of S) research group has found that the mining and milling of Canadian uranium contributes very little greenhouse gas for the amount of energy produced. 

But, boys and girls, what about the waste -- how are you dealing with it, besides leaving it behind? So stop now!

What does the Nuclear Waste MYTH look like in Canada?

What does the reality look like?

As of June 30, 2015, Canada has an inventory of just under 2.6 million used nuclear fuel bundles. If stacked end-to-end like cordwood, they would fit into a space the size of seven hockey rinks, from the ice surface to the top of the boards. At the end of the planned operation of Canada's existing nuclear reactors, the number of used fuel bundles could total about 5.2 million.

only 5% of uranium used -- then these remain behind as HIGHLY TOXIC NUCLEAR WASTE
 for 703.8 million years
When operational in a nuclear reactor, each fuel bundle can generate enough electricity to power up to 100 homes for a year. Once a nuclear fuel bundle has been used to generate electricity, it is removed from the reactor. Physically, the bundle looks the same as when it went in. However, it is now considered a waste product. It is radioactive and remains in this state for a long period of time. Used fuel must be contained and isolated from people and the environment – essentially indefinitely.

Hey Canada! Do the math with me:
When I extrapolate all the nuclear power that could have been generated in Canada using existing nuclear rod bundles, the total amounts to 2,600,000 (spent rod bundles)x100 (homes) = 260,000,000 homes, but spread over Canada's 13,320,000 homes, enough power say nuclear supporters to have provided for 20 years. Sounds great!

What the supporters of nuclear power don’t tell you is the deadly nuclear waste lasts for more than 1.4 billion years. Given the consequences of nuclear waste, this is a terrible return on the dangerous resource. We should be ashamed of what we leave behind.

But if we can power all the residences in Canada for 20 years, without polluting, why did this not happen? Where is all that uranium going? Well, consider only 5% of each fuel rod is used before it is considered to be "spent." That's right, the rest is waste. How many $Trillions of dollars that could have been spent on renewables like SOLAR and WIND generation and batteries has been wasted on uranium over 75 years?

In addition, the nuclear Cold War weapons require replenishing in order to maintain the deterrent against nuclear attack. The cold warriors have blown it; nowadays the big money is in dealing guns and ammunition to both sides of any conflict.

And that’s where the silly notion nuclear power is good was germinated. The same lie exists today. I give you Fukushima, White Sands, Kazakhstan, Hanford, Argonne, Australia, Chernobyl, 3-Mile Island, Chalk River, radiation-poisoned bullets in Iraq deforming future generations. 

Supporters will tell you new plants will never meltdown or explode because of new technology. TEPCO has 5 million gallons of water sitting above one of their plants in case of an emergency. Wow! That sounds safe ... TEPCO spent $5 billion to build in the "safeguards."  Too bad they didn't do it right and put that money into renewables. To my knowledge, plate tectonics still exist and the next earthquake is just around the corner ...

The lie is unlimited NUCLEAR WASTE! Most of the new uranium coming to Canada from Kazakhstan is mined by fracking.

3 myths from Pandora's Promise -- the pro-nuke propaganda film