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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Growing up in Vancouver - Boxing

I joined the Vancouver Firefighters Boxing Club after John Wylie and Rick Hen taught me the basics at the East Vancouver Optimists Boxing Club.

I woke up to this surprise and honor today ...
As the Firefighters was inducted into the BCABHOF, Al Cool, you are now part of the BCABHOF.

The boxers in the Firefighters Club were a special group, gentlemen all, and many multiple winners of Emerald, Silver, Golden, and Diamond Gloves tournaments across Canada and on the west coast from California to Vancouver. Often winning "Golden Boy" awards and Dave Wylie winning the last and best "Diamond Boy" at welterweight in 1968 -- a proud moment for our club.

Boxing changed my life -- it gave me confidence. I was a logger on the coast of BC for 12 years throughout the seventies and into the eighties. I only had to throw 2 punches during that stretch because I did not need to fight to prove who I was and boxing gave me the skills necessary to decline street brawling. There were many unsung, proud moments for all of us in the gym, too.

Thank you Brian Zelley for remembering ... I've never forgotten ...