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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What is Obama's Fast Track of TPP? Job loss, trade deficit, growing poverty ...

Justin Trudeau -- STOP TPP -- your legacy will be one of inflicting a future of pain on Canada if you don't give your head a shake and get away from this trickle-down, rich corporationists create jobs. That is a lie!

First of all, Fast Track is an extreme scheme cooked up by Richard Nixon ... and is the surrender of the right of Congressional debate ...

That's right, Obama is employing a trade scheme cooked up by a disgraced president who brought the US to its knees and was ousted in shame and infamy!

Fast Track has only been in effect for five years (2002-2007) since then. The same coalition of chronic U.S.-job-offshorers, agribusiness monopolists, Big Pharma, oil and gas giants and the think tanks they fund are gearing up a big push to revive Fast Track because they know that is the only way the TPP could get through Congress.

Make them STOP! Call your congressman today, and tomorrow and until they put a stop to this FAST TRACK nonsense!