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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Just a few US Nuclear Accidents you have not heard about

NOTE: the $10 billion dollar price tag for construction of the WIPP facility is missing, so is the Navajo Reserve cleanup of $1Billion, and the hundreds of $millions spent cleaning the shutdown WIPP facility in Arizona, and the cost of Los Alamos ...

DATE          SITE               HAZARD                                          CLEAN UP COST IN $MILLIONS
February 16, 2002Oak Harbor, Ohio, USSevere corrosion of control rod forces 24-month outage of Davis-Besse reactor0143
January 15, 2003Bridgman, Michigan, USAA fault in the main transformer at the Donald C. Cook nuclear power plant causes a fire that damages the main generator and back-up turbines010
June 16, 2005Braidwood, Illinois, USAExelon’s Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station leaks tritium and contaminates local water supplies041
August 4, 2005Buchanan, New York, USAEntergy’s Indian Point Energy Center Nuclear Plant leaks tritium and strontium into underground lakes from 1974 to 200530
March 6, 2006Erwin, Tennessee, USANuclear fuel services plant spills 35 liters of highly enriched uranium, necessitating 7-month shutdown098
November 21, 2009Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaTwelve workers were contaminated after radioactive dust was mobilized at the Three Mile Island plant during pipe maintenance works.[47]0
January 7, 2010Buchanan, New York, USANRC inspectors reported that an estimated 600,000 gallons of mildly radioactive steam was intentionally vented after an automatic shutdown of Indian Point Energy Center Unit 2. The levels of tritium in the steam were below those allowable by NRC safety standards.[48]00
February 1, 2010Vernon, Vermont, USDeteriorating underground pipes from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant leak radioactive tritium into groundwater supplies0700
June 24, 2013Hanford, Washington, USDeteriorating storage tanks leak 1 million gallons of reactor byproducts into the Columbia River00

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