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Sunday, 11 September 2016

30 Years to Mass Extinctions -- don't say you weren't warned

Modern extinctions
The passenger pigeon, one of hundreds of species ofextinct birds, was hunted to extinction over the course of a few decades

Yes, humans are incredibly adept at killing and fighting, but can we not rise above all that?
According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York's American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70% believed that the Earth is currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction,[40] known as the Holocene extinction. In that survey, the same proportion of respondents agreed with the prediction that up to 20% of all living populations could become extinct within 30 years (by 2028). Biologist E. O. Wilson estimated [10] in 2002 that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all plant and animal species of life on earth will be extinct in 100 years.[41] More significantly, the current rate of global species extinctions is estimated as 100 to 1000 times "background" rates (the average extinction rates in the evolutionary time scale of planet Earth),[42][43] while future rates are likely 10,000 times higher.[43] However, some groups are going extinct much faster.