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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Vote, and vote to oust the Conservatives in Canada

Rant: HARPER and Big Oil in Canada

So, Big Oil in Fort McMurray AB is laying/has laid off tens of thousands of workers and has burdened the Canadian Taxpayers with their layoffs. HARPER allowed these profiteering trans-national corporations to take advantage of Canadian servitude and tax loopholes to reap trillions of dollars for 20 years and forgo paying Canadian taxes, destroy the environment, hire many foreign workers who worded for less than Canadian wages, allowed the landlords and retailers in Fort McMurray to gouge the workers while they lived in that hell-hole (and sue the ones who broke their leases and left), and on and on. Still, gas at the pump is almost as expensive now as it has ever been though per barrel it is less than half the price it ever was and even though there is a world oil glut so profound it has caused the major producers to pull out of Canada, the 5th largest oil producer in the world. HARPER will run out of money if he can't sell what we produce in oil, so he drops the Canadian dollar to COMPETE at world prices to continue sales. And what snowjob does HARPER use to confuse our dim wits? C-51 and Syria. Give me a break. DUMP HARPER -- a car wash mitt would be a better choice...