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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Kentucky Derby Weekend - WTF?

The Trifecta weekend is here -- WTF?
Celebrate, you idiots, celebrate. WTF has become of us?
#1 -  a boxing match between two aging old guys so far past their prime, even steroids won’t make this joke watchable, let alone the fact the North American entry is a convicted, multiple-time wife-beater, and they will make hundreds of millions each.
#2 - the Kentucky Derby, where all the dead, young horses that die on tracks around the planet each year do not attend. Tens of thousands of wonderful animals die every year on small, garbage-tracks as 2 year olds, then so many that are driven to madness as 3 year olds, so the same rich fat cats can gloat over the reincarnation of the money they probably never earned anyway.  Google it, if you have the guts.
#3 - the crown of sports, the NFL draft where uneducated, violent fools smart enough, except for this year’s #1 draft, learn to shut up. Jameis Winston, yet another NFL player or hopeful with a violence against women past, covered up by money, lawyers and the NFL because this idiot can throw a football, is now in the glory spotlight of sports for you all to enjoy.
Yay, the Trifecta day in sports. How many more have to die or suffer violence for media-advertisement-billionaires?