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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cool Name History

On the eave of my short story "My Phantom Looks Like The Man From Glad" being published in the ezine The Otter, New York, I offer this:

How many times in my life have I been questioned on the spelling of my last name - Cool - half a million + or - 5 or 6 or so?

This excerpt from the House of Names site goes to some length trying to explain why...

Spelling variations of the name Cool include: Coull, Coul,Cowill, Cowells, Cowel, Cowele, Cowels, and many more, and of course they got the motto right: 'Worship God' which sounds even worse in Latin: Cole Deum.

I can only hope, by way of apology for this feebly disguised self-promotion, there was decent Scotch made in Aberdeen and some of our family might have had some small part in its production...probably not, though. I suspect we were wild-eyed, stubborn, penny-pinching Highlanders who only dropped down from the clouds on occasional Saturday nights for a spot of fun at the local distillery with a few local women...