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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


If NAFTA is such a complete botch, why is our premier, Mr. Harper, pushing for more "Free Trade" with Europe?

Beware, Europe, Free Trade is a scam set up to benefit trans-national corporations.

I am Canadian and pay world prices for oil, gas, natural gas, water, food and travel. I still pay US duty on American automobiles. So many protection clauses exist in the NAFTA deal that there is no "trickle down" effect for us everyday Canadians.

Trickle Down economics is a hoax -- plain and simple.

Our dollar is trading today at $0.81 cents US. We are in trouble already, and this EU Free Trade pact will not improve our status.

Our premier says all Canadians will benefit - but who? Jobs lost to foreign ownership, tax deferments handed out like donuts at a bakery sale, pollution left behind, national companies going bust or gone overseas. Who is winning that battle?

Canada has paid $175million in lawsuit damages to Americans as a result of NAFTA infractions and faces another six lawsuits, one  for offering to help build a second bridge to Detroit. NAFTA is allowing a US businessman to sue Canada for $3.5 Billion because he felt he was not informed properly of Canada's plan to help build the bridge between the US and Canada. Handy for him -- not so much for Canada -- and certainly not Free...

I and my children cannot afford this march into George Bush's NEW WORLD ORDER that serves only trans-national corporations. Can you?