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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

3 Evils - 3 Not Evils

I was mulling over a little poli-sci when I walked the dog today. Her walk was wonderful. She found puddles to wade in and bounced like a puppy most of the way.

So, I was thinking...

Sovereignty and active participation in democracy builds and maintains strong republics - not adherence to blind authority with guns and slogans, voter suppression and blaming the poor as the rich get richer.

Disenfranchisement of people from their vote is evil.
Spreading Paranoia throughout the culture of a people is evil.
Squeezing the livelihood of a people is evil.

Not believing in someone else's religion is not evil.
Not buying into the establishment grid is not evil.
Living an alternate lifestyle is not evil.

Then our walk ended, and I stopped thinking for a while.

If I had continued, I wonder, now, if I might have concluded something - then?