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Monday, 5 January 2015

2,484,000 100-watt solar panels or waste 1.7 million liters of water a day in Tar Sands

In Alberta, Canada, every day, 1.7 million liters of potable water goes into the process of refining tar sands muck into low-grade gasoline. Now, by my calculations, at $2.59/liter x 4 liters per gallon x 40 gallons in a barrel = $414.00 per barrel = $4,403,000 per day in wasted water. So, if I do a rough conversion and say that $1,000,000 is an over-sell or excess I'm willing to give back to the argument when the right wingers get a chance to complain I didn't account for such expenses as cost of plastic, shipping, filtering, etc., the figure we have to work with might be $3,403,000 per day, or $1.242 trillion in wasted water every year - just in the Alberta tarsands. At Canadian Tire, a 100watt solar panel will cost you $500. Every year, the amount we waste for the multi-national oil companies is equivalent to (retail) purchasing 2,484,000 100-watt solar panels. Imagine that, go ahead, take a minute, imagine what 1 year of clean water could be converted to...Big Oil, Coal, Nuclear, Gas - GFY!