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Friday, 12 December 2014

Irony explained

A person walks along a crowded sidewalk and a brick falls off the side of the building killing him.
Not ironic - sad, weird, but not ironic.

If it happens to a bricklayer - ironic.

The bricklayer's wife is walking with him, and he is complaining about how bad the job is for his back, she says, "Your job is killing you." - the brick hits her and kills her - ironic.

The bricklayer, his wife and their lawyer are walking along a crowded sidewalk, a brick falls from the building, misses the bricklayer and his wife, bounces off the sidewalk, spraying shrapnel into the eyes of the lawyer who stumbles into traffic and is hit and killed by a bus. Ironic? No, just good luck!

Sorry, my loyal readers, but I must be feeling a bit feisty today!