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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"The LA Project" spy thriller by Alfred Cool Nov 2014

When I started this novel, I pictured myself scanning through an airport book kiosk, looking to buy the winner that would immerse me into a story that takes off faster and soars farther and higher than my jet. I wanted to write the book that made me miss my subway stop and caused me to stay up too late reading because I can't stop turning the pages. (I'll lie the next day and tell everyone I was out partying.)  And I wanted to write the book  that does not end because, after I turn the last page, I want to read it again - cover to cover - just for the fun of it. "THE LA PROJECT" is that book. It is thrilling, suspenseful, has major plot twists,  facts, fun, and heroic, real characters to admire - people readers will want to know and emulate. Lastly, I gave the reader a second and third "Eureka!" to enjoy while waiting to buy  the second installment of the trilogy.

That's why my novel is different.