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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mt. Polley Mine Disaster - Leadership Photo Op!

When planes slammed into the World Trade Center, George Bush took 18 minutes to react. He was demonized for that lapse in leadership. And rightly so!

When Mt Polley mine lost its tailings pond, a lake of heavy industrial chemicals poured into the parched watershed of the Cariboo.

Premier Christie Clark took two and a half days to react, after her single tweet.

How busy is she, that she could not respond to the disaster?

Why is it that when she did finally respond, she used the cameras as a scripted photo op?

What were her advisers going to tell her - it's not so bad, it's okay, it's only mine effluent, the worst disaster in BC history can be a great way for you to make points on leadership?
Here. let's fix your makeup, now, smile...

Times of strife show us who we are, what we are made of - pay attention to this one!

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