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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pandora's Promise - Oh lordy, lordy what a pile of crap!

So disturbing.

I will have to deal with the outrage I feel on my blog.

I’m going to go through a few dozen of the contradictory statements made in the film, the sensationalizing and phraseology, the good guy old-timers who brought us all these current accidents, the missing information.

They don't talk about Hanford, WA, and that is just one of thousands of dirty sites on the planet, no one addresses the fact that when profit walks in the front door, safety is shoveled out the back door, their numbers on the Chernobyl deaths (ongoing) are way out of whack .

Gee, even that thar Fukishima thing seems okay now, right?  I saw only little teeny numbers on that meter. We must be good, right?

Can’t understand why 400 tons of highly contaminated waste water pouring into the ocean every day since the explosion would upset anyone. Got it, let's blame the hippies for being afraid of radiation. They must be the problem, those furry little guys...

And the fact these film makers use cell phone technology – an addiction if I ever saw one – to promote their propaganda should be enough to alert even the newbie, young, casual viewer to the slant of this sleazy crap.


There are so many assumptive statements made in this very dangerous propagandist film, by former 'environmental' flakes who were so committed to ‘no nukes’ then flipped to ‘yeah, nukes’ that I simply need time to absorb and contradict.

My God, the friggin’ damage a film like this can cause…

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